Deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central

10 Advantages of Deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central

Specifically intended for small and medium-sized companies seeking an all-in-one intelligent ERP solution that is simple to use, adaptable, and implemented in the cloud or on-premise, Dynamics 365 Business Central is a powerful and flexible solution. Deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central bring a lot of advantages for businesses that are ready for embracing digital.

It enables your company to consolidate numerous unconnected systems into a single system while also increasing productivity via automated processes and workflows, which can all be done from inside your Office 365 products such as Word, Outlook, and Excel, among others.

1. Low Ownership Cost

Whether you’re a small or mid-sized company seeking to manage your cash flow, deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you do so while keeping expenses down. The advantages of cloud ERP, such as minimal infrastructure investment and no upgrade or maintenance costs, may be taken advantage of in your organisation. The subscription-based monthly fixed price approach eliminates the need for a significant up-front payment and ensures that your expenses are predictable going forward.

Compared to alternative on-premises solutions, Business Central will save you money by eliminating the need for servers, administration, specialised IT personnel, and other expenses. Finally, Business Central is ready to use straight out of the box, allowing you to be up and running in no time at all.

2. Centralised Repository of Data

Dynamics 365 Business Central will consolidate all of your company’s data into a single source of truth that can be shared across departments. This implies that your data will be kept in a safe, central place that will be continuously updated in real-time with the most up-to-date information available. When making decisions or generating financial reports, everyone in the business may utilise the same data since it is shared throughout the organisation.

Pre-installed dashboards, allowing you to access data reports and analysis quickly. By using linked data across finance, accounting, sales, buying, and inventory, you will be able to make better business choices and accelerate the development of your organisation.

3. Combines ERP and CRM Functionalities

Even while Business Central is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, it also has features that may help you enhance customer experiences and strengthen connections with your customers. The CRM capabilities allow you to keep track of customer interactions and get insights into upsell, cross-sell, and renewal possibilities throughout the sales cycle.

 Individual consumers and organisations may benefit from variable price and discount schemes, which you can customise. In terms of the client experience, you may simply deal with customer returns or after-sales problems, handle service requests, monitor repair details, and react to questions quickly and efficiently, among other things.

We helped a leading maritime business group to streamline their business processes.

4. Warehouse and supply chain management

Among the many functions available in Dynamics 365 Business Central are warehouse and supply chain management capabilities. When you use predictive stock replenishment, you may improve the efficiency of your supply chain by automatically creating purchase orders based on sales projections and anticipated stock-outs.

By utilizing templates to identify the optimum arrangement of goods in your warehouse storage facilities, you can also improve the efficiency of your receiving and storage departments.

5. The ability to be flexible


 It is now possible for you and your workers to quickly access your business data because of cloud computing. This implies that you can practically manage your company from anywhere, using any device, at any time. When it comes to being competitive in today’s world, when remote work is rapidly becoming the new normal, being able to be adaptable is essential to success. This adaptability also means that Business Central is readily expandable, allowing you to expand with ease as your company’s requirements increase

6. It simplifies project management.

In addition to financial, accounting, warehousing, and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central provides tools for project management, allowing you to complete projects on schedule. Create projects, manage them, and monitor their progress with the help of project timesheets, sophisticated task costing, and reporting tools. You may also manage resource levels by preparing for future capacity and sales opportunities. Finally, you will be able to get real-time information into the progress of your projects and other data that will help you maintain profitability.

7. It allows for seamless integrations

Dynamics 365 Business Central interacts easily with other Microsoft business apps such as Office 365 would delight those who already use other Microsoft business applications like Office 365 in their organisations. Furthermore, it already has Microsoft Power BI dashboards as a standard feature. To further customise and fulfil a specific business requirement, you may download and integrate applications or extensions from the Microsoft AppSource or your Microsoft Dynamics partner to further personalise your solution.

8. Data security and compliance

Deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central can provide your company with the security of a large corporation. It comes with built-in capabilities to guarantee that your data is backed up and kept safely and securely as a cloud-based solution. You may improve the security of your application by including a variety of features such as authorization, authentication, data encryption, and auditing.

Dynamics 365 Business Central allows customers to customize settings so that their data is gathered and kept compliant with local regulations if they are doing business internationally.

9. Faster implementations

The Office 365 products, the Power platform, and the creation of add-ons and modifications outside of the basic product all contribute to more rapid deployment. Companies may utilize the system in conjunction with other solutions following their own needs and desires and thus accomplish their objectives without the need for extensive modification.

10. Excellent support and more accessible upgrade

The fact that add-ons and customisations are no longer produced as part of the main product makes providing support more straightforward. Functional changes are well specified and isolated, making it simpler to understand how to use the programme and provide support for it. With the advent of software upgrades, it is no longer essential to thoroughly examine which changes and alterations have occurred over time and how they should be integrated into the current release.


Microsoft maintains its leading position in the area of corporate resource planning for small and medium-sized enterprises using Dynamics 365 Business Central. In reality, with the above-mentioned significant advantages of Business Central, Microsoft is further strengthening its position in the marketplace. Every business may benefit from Business Central’s highly powerful, comprehensive, and user-friendly ERP platform, which, when combined with the industry expertise of the appropriate partner, creates a very strong solution.

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