A Platform for Loan & Credit card comparison

A Platform for Loan & Credit card comparison

About the Customer


Soulwallet conducts personal loan comparisons and compares credit cards in the UAE, users can compare & apply for credit cards & various loan products from different banks/credit card providers on the platform.

Problem Statement

  • The client was looking for a solution to sell credit cards & various loan products and wanted to expand lead generation in order to profitably scale the business online.
  • Increase new customer acquisition online.

Solutions Delivered

  • Created wireframes for user experience (UX) roadmap.
  • The website was streamlined the client journey from the first-time visitor to an enthusiastic client.
  • Designed and built a new website platform from the ground up, aimed at the expanding customer base.
  • Built Savings calculator & EMI calculator which enabled higher throughput of loans with no errors and mistakes.
  • Implemented analytics tracking to tweak campaigns to profitably scale the business.
  • Tools & Technologies used: ReactJS, ROR, HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery.
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