Ai and Automation

Artificial Intelligence & Automation – Your Next Leap to Innovative Business Process

AI and Automation are the trending buzz words in the tech world today, often in undifferentiated contexts. It leads to associating similar meaning to two unique concepts. They are often related to machines or software, which helps us execute tasks better and effectively.

But most people often fail to understand the fact that there is a substantial difference in the complexity level of both systems. Before we discuss the effective use of AI and Automation, let’s first check out the actual meaning and try to differentiate these concepts.

What is Artificial Intelligence and Automation?

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”-these words of Stephan Hawking sums up the real significance of AI. It could be explained in simple terms as the science and engineering process of creating efficient machines, simulating what a human being can think, speak and do in the real world.

But the biggest characteristic of AI is that it will not be infected with humans’ natural fragility, such as aging and death. Having said that, it’s vital to understand that, AI is just not a replica of humans. In fact, it’s designed to continuously pursue patterns, assimilate from experience, and sort out the most suitable responses in various complex situations, just like us.

On the other hand, automation is a process that helps the machines perform monotonous or repetitive tasks. It is the best solution for highly repetitive, monotonous, and predictable jobs or tasks. It’s important to understand that automated tools require manual configuration and human supervision for the effective executing of various campaigns. Constant vigilance is a must for effective and successful Automation in any field.

Benefits of using AI and Automation in Business

When we combine robotic process automation with AI, such as machine learning, the direct result is Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). An IPA tool is very powerful and effective as it allows us to tap the benefits of Automation such as higher speed, efficiency, the economy of time, and ability to scale along with the insights, flexibility, and high processing power of AI.

This results in faster, more personalized execution and processes and also greater use and accuracy in data. This provides improvements in the overall customer experience for any business around the globe. It is predicted that by 2050, 25% of Fortune 500 companies will execute hundreds of examples of IPA use cases. IPA’s use allows a business to shift budgets, adjust bids, audiences, and optimize campaigns 24×7. In the present scenario, the customers are becoming more demanding towards the brands, as customer satisfaction became the root of any successful business project.

Customers now expect more personalized offers and expect businesses to anticipate their needs from time to time. The present trends suggest that IPA technologies are becoming the best suitable way to deliver customer satisfaction worldwide.

How do AI and Automaton help your business?

The extensive and effective use of AI in Automation makes it much easier for businesses to discharge customary operations and scale fast. Let’s now discuss the benefits of the use of intelligent Automation in business briefly.

Cutting down the cost.

Efficient in service training and updating of skills is an integral part of enhancing productivity. Training of employees requires a lot of time, patience, and expense. Unless the employees are thoroughly trained, there could be unsatisfactory growth in productivity. Over a period of time, the recurring and monotonous tasks can very easily hamper the employees’ enthusiasm and skill.

Whereas the implementation of AI and Automation requires the initial one-time installation charges only. It also ensures the delivery of consistent output, in the long run, resulting in a greater extent of vocational costs. The occasional maintenance of the system is the only requirement.

Improved Efficiency

No matter how skillful or talented a human being is, there is always a chance to commit errors or make mistakes. To err is human. Naturally, at times it can affect the credibility and reputation of the organization and may also result in extra expense. Meanwhile, an automated solution with AI is much foolproof.

There is often a possibility of less or zero error, irrespective of continuous and exhaustive usage, compared to manual labor. Further, the quality of the output or rate of productivity could be enhanced by analyzing the automated solution’s performance and proper updating from time to time.

Ensuring Safety

Safety of people and products is a challenge and constant headache for most of business firms. Any lapse in safety measures may result in inviting great danger. Most of the accidents in the workplace are directly or indirectly related to human error resulting in exhaustive and overstretched work schedules.

The application of AI and Automation becomes handy in this regard. It can minimize the chances of such mishaps. It can ensure a much safer workplace environment by substituting human beings from the hazardous and risky working atmosphere. Machines are not completely impeccable, still can contribute to a great extent in maintaining hazardous-free workplace and the safety of workmen and life.

Helps in Innovation

As AI and Automation can continuously perform boring, mundane and repetitive tasks and deliver constant output from time to time, there is a greater scope for analysis, self-learning, and research. The use of AI releases restrictions on the availability of the creative use of manpower.

The human brain, the most creative and complex mechanism of its kind, could be used in the field of research and study, to enhance the overall progress of the organizations as they are free from the routine and monotonous work culture. Ultimately more time in research may lead to the creative use of the resources and better output in any business.

Customer Service and Brand Management

Automation can make the task of customer service and brand management an easy one. Business firms around the world continuously struggle to collect and analyze the opinion of their consumers. With Automation, they can constantly automate the analysis of all the relevant data across the internet and spot the critical issues on time, which will help them in the timely rectification of the same.

Chatbots have become extensively popular in a short time. Products like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa is now a common battleground for brands. These programs can evaluate the user’s inputs contextually and respond to their queries effectively. Hence, products like this can be used to automate customer service, sales, and marketing messages. They can reduce the burden on customer help desks to a great extent.

AI and Automation - Sectors to watch out for

Ai and Automation

AI & Automation in Healthcare

Healthcare could be labeled as one of the most expensive fields of study and research undoubtedly. The recent outbreak of the Covid-19 underlays the need for further enrichment in this field. Growing concerns over health drive human beings towards spending a lot of money on personal health care and maintaining physical fitness.

AI-powered technologies help medical professionals worldwide, inaccurate diagnosis and sharing of expertise. It’s a great supporting factor in treatments, decision making, analysis of results, and enhancing specific medical field research. It plays a pivotal role in integrating activities in medical, software, and cognitive sciences. The use of robotic technology is getting wide popularity, not just in developed countries.

AI & Automation in Education

Effective teaching-learning process depends on an array of factors, out of which assessment plays a vital part. Proper assessment techniques help educators find out the learning gaps and formulate strategies to eradicate the same.

Thanks to the integration of AI and Automation, the teachers’ workload regarding the assessment area is lesser now. Though it can never replace human work, the automated system could be used to evaluate multiple-choice questions and automated grading.

The different learning modules developed with the help of an automated process and augmented reality can promote individual learners’ development at their own pace and enhance the teaching-learning process’s effectiveness

AI & Automation Business

The present-day business relies heavily on various aspects such as processing of large volumes of quantitative data to make crucial decisions on time. Therefore machine learning can very easily improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any business.

The use of chatbots, adaptive intelligence, and Automation can effectively smoothen any venture by providing maximum customer satisfaction. The help desks working with the AI is the perfect example. It reduces human effort, time, and expense. The algorithms that are integrated into CRM platforms help uncover information on how to deliver better and satisfactory service to the customers.

AI & Automation in Social Media

Social Media has revolutionized the lifestyle of people. Staying connected with the virtual world is a feature of 21st-century human life. People, especially the youth, spend their time actively on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. But we hardly realize that artificial intelligence influences our priorities and preferences. Starting from our web searches, notifications, and upgrades, AI is continuously analyzed to maximize the personalized experience.

Key Takeaways

AI in Automation can help us in a wide range of functions. From self-driving automobiles to drones, all are using intelligent Automation. Implementing Automation can help businesses achieve better paid digital campaign results, which helps develop innovative business strategies.

In case of potential economic slowdowns, recessions, or other unforeseen external market conditions, AI and Automation can help the business to innovate, scale, and increase efficiencies to stay competitive.

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