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How we help ?

As specialists in artificial intelligence with deep domain expertise and access to cutting- edge technology, our products and services address all the AI needs of an organization — from strategic road mapping and ready-to-deploy applications, all the way to implementation of transformative business solutions through our AI platform

We identify key areas where AI solutions will have maximum impact on your business through educational workshops and strategic roadmap planning.

Our approach


We'll explain the current state of AI technology and build a common understanding of what’s possible, and what’s not.

Idea Generation

We’ll identify quick wins that can generate immediate value for your business.

Roadmap Development

We create actionable plans to transform your business with AI, all the while managing the impact of disruptive change.

Proven Expertise in

Machine Learning (ML)
Deep Learning (DL)
Knowledge Exploration
Business AI Bots
Anomaly Detection
Predative Analysis
Machine Vision

Our major AI offerings

  • Demand forecasting
  • Predictive inventory planning
  • Recommendation engines
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Pricing optimization
  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • Customer ROI and lifetime value
  • Alerts and diagnostics from real-time patient data
  • Disease identification and risk stratification
  • Patient triage optimization
  • Proactive health management
  • Health care provider sentiment analysis
  • Monitor and predict patient outcomes
  • Admission Forecasting
  • Optimize staffing and quality of care
  • Fraud Detection
  • Recommendation engines and targeting
  • Customer 360
  • Social media analysis
  • Ad optimization
  • Risk analytics and regulation monitoring
  • Customer segmentation
  • Credit scoring
  • Customer 360
  • Telematics
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Demand forecasting
  • Predict overall equipment effectiveness
  • Predict production quality
  • Predict safety risk
  • Optimize production / supply chain / staff allocation
  • Simulate design
  • Quality control through Machine Vision

Industries served

We build tailor-made, industry-specific AI applications and solutions for the following industries:

We provide real analytics using our depth of business knowledge in retail business on sourcing, customer experience to online sales
We help customers to manage multi-disciplinary business functions across demand planning, inventory, production to sales
Marketing and Sales
Assisting you with digital journey, adding digital stores in your business with eCommerce platform for B2C, B2B business opportunities
We brings AI-powered and machine learning-based data insights for various challenges the healthcre segment is facing today.

ZiniosEdge Delivery Model

Offshore Delivery Model

ZiniosEdge offshore delivery model is structured to provide the best cost effective alternative for our clients. End to End project design, development activities are done in our premises. The client interacts directly with the offshore team and manages the project.

Onsite Delivery Model

This model is suited for projects that have specific needs in terms of resource and skillset required for the project. Our skilled professionals are deployed on the client’s premises and work directly with the client as per their process.

Hybrid Delivery Model

This model is composed of a combination of both onsite and offshore delivery models. It provides the best of both models, and results in optimized costs and maximized efficiency. The onsite team works directly with the clients and also handles the offshore team without the client having to worry about the offshore team.


ZiniosEdge have provided a valued service in helping Globalsoft lay foundations in India. Their flexible infrastructure solutions and their knowledgeable advice on local market practices have allowed us to stay focused on our business and its growth.
Vivek Ramakrishna
It was very nice time having been in touch with you while taking up our recent project for updating new database in Microsoft Dynamics. I would like to thanks and congratulate to you and your team who has performed very nice and swift action to fulfill this project in less time and efficient way.
Ankit Soni
We chose ZiniosEdge to build and implement AgriSys ERP for our business after exploring several standard products. It is a complete software which has most of the modules required for Seed industry.
Deepinder Singh
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