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How 3D Modeling Help to Boost the ROI of Businesses?

As technology advances to new heights, there is almost nothing impossible to shape up today. 3D modeling is such a multifunctional technology that easy out product design and product marketing practices. 3D rendering of products can make it possible to pull out the multi-dimensional images from our brain and pour them into a piece of paper or screen to see how it looks and works.

However, this technology sector has leaped to hit $2 billion in 2019 and continuing its journey to make a growth of over 20%  CAGR from 2020 to 2016.  This data attests to the impact of 3D modeling and is undoubtedly one of the most transforming and beneficial technology to have happened in product design, training, marketing and sales, e-commerce, and the field of architecture.

Let’s see how 3D product rendering can help industries to increase sales of your products:

It is possible to display products in a visually convincing manner by using rendering features. Mr. Umesh, a senior visual artist @ ZiniosEdge, says, Not only does 3D modeling help the designers and end-users visualize space requirements, but also improves drawing efficiency and accuracy. When designing in 2D, the designer needs to create a separate plan and elevation view to see an object’s space requirements, which takes longer to do”. It gives more clarity and a real-like experience to know the property more. It can be animated to offer a 360° experience to the users. Let’s see what else 3D models got

  • Accurate Product Design

Modern customers are picky when it comes to their buying decisions, specifically online. Customers rely on the images displayed to understand the products closer, so photos should win their hearts to make the purchase.

Traditional photography can show them only the product image along with color variations, but now with 3D modeling, it is possible to showcase a 360-degree view of the product along with features from inside out and from all- angles. This can offer the customers better clarity of the product, enabling them to create an emotional connection with the product, which can lead to business. The impact of CGI can create a personalized shopping experience for your customers.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) to Brighten Your Products

A collaboration of 3D modeling technologies along with AR can help you to capitalize on your business. To accomplish this, all you need is to build a mobile app that would support an AR view.

In this, customers can browse products as per their wish by placing their chosen products in the desired setting. If the product doesn’t seem convincing to them, they can change the parameters as per their preferences. They have the provision to check products in diverse settings from different angles.

AR can also leave a unique shopping experience for your customers and increase the shopping experience to new levels. Such kinds of integrations is making drawing more user-attention the days.

  • Showcase Product Technicalities in a Detailed Way

Customers’ buying decisions on a product only turned into a purchase if they are provided with all the precise details about the product. Whether it is a gadget from an online store or an apartment from a builder. That is why all sorts of industries should use 3D modeling so that you can even cut a product into half, thus making its inner and outer sides visible to the customers.

Plus, online customers are looking to buy only quality products that justify their spending. It would be great to provide all the clear technical details of your products in a straightforward way; it will add trust to go ahead with the shopping.

  • Create a Big Impact using CG Product Catalogs

Product catalog is a powerful marketing tool to impress your customers. It provides them with the product of their choice. Similarly, retailers can go for product rendering to create computer-generated, photorealistic images of products in an online business. The 3D model development is also cost-effective compared to traditional photography. It is suitable to hire a 3D rendering company to create impressive product renderings. It can make a good impact on your buyers and generate more significant sales revenues.

  • Unite 3D Renders with 3D Animation to create an Immersive Effect

It would be great if you can blend 3D CGI(computer-generated imagery) with 3D Animation, it can create an animated video of the product. These animated videos can impress customers and helps to create long-term product memories in them.

Another advantage is that it encourages customers to stay on the website for a more extended period, and chances are high for them to watch other product videos. Thus it will retain the customer and provides an exciting shopping experience.

The Basic Principles of Photorealistic Rendering

While rendering, a 3D designer should have a crystal clear idea of how he/she is going to apply the techniques. Else the results may fail to meet the expectations, thus failing to meet the overall product designing or marketing goals.

Here are some touchpoints that should be kept in mind while doing 3D rendering:

  • Appropriate lights

It is vital to use the right lighting to create high-quality renders. There should be a perfect balance between lights and shadows to produce a photorealistic image.

  • The Speed and quality balance

As 3D rendering is a time-consuming task, hiring professional 3D agency/artists can deliver promising quality and speed outcomes. Because hiring an agency can afford to create the required property to be used now or later than buying expensive 3D modeling tools in-house.

  • Use of the Right Rendering Tools

3D renders should choose the right software that can help to put forward outstanding outcomes. Some of the best options are 3DS Max, Modo, KeyShot, Maya, Blender, etc.

Be selective to pick up the appropriate software and make sure you are using it at its best.


It is always beneficial for us when things get closer to reality. 3D rendering can help us to attain great success when used in perfect and professional ways. It is also useful for our customers to easily choose their desired products from a wide range of available options. It can definitely return the investments and adds trust to the brands with a better customer experience.






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