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How Microsoft Power Automate Revolutionizing Business Process Automation?

In an attempt to enhance and optimize business process excellence, companies from different industries are on a spree to try out advanced power platform entrants such as Microsoft Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, Power Virtual Bot, etc. As these platforms, especially Power Automate, are proved to be a promising tech-stack that improves workforce productivity, process efficiency, Microsoft power platform as a whole is becoming a power booster for business workflow automation, offering end-to-end control while saving cost and time.

In this blog, we are exploring how Microsoft Power Automate revolutionizing business process automation.

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate is a web-based business solution that enables businesses to create automated workflows between the required business applications and service departments to sync the processes, share files, collect data with prompt notification to the concerned contact points. Power automate provides the users the ability to automate processes in SharePoint. Being a part of the Microsoft 365 package, Power Automate is a universal automation toolset that synchronizes business applications based on the business requirement with custom/standard protocols.

What can businesses do with Power Automate?

Power Automate can solve a host of problems clinging to day-to-day business processes. It enables businesses to save time and cost by automating repetitive manual tasks easily. Remarkably, Power Automate enables anyone to create automated process flow with its no-code/ low-code functionality.

  • Automate repetitive business processes
  • Instantly send automatic reminders for due tasks
  • Scheduled business data transfer between systems
  • Connect to any publicly available API or data sources
  • Automate tasks on your local computer similar to computing data in Excel.

Microsoft Power Automate can significantly boost the productivity of their business process with its different types of workflow automation. Users can create Cloud flow, Desktop flow, and Business process flow based on their need.

Users can create cloud flow if they want to trigger the automation automatically while an email hits the inbox specifying a particular keyword/name or when someone mentions the brand in social media. Also, with cloud flow, users can create instant or scheduled flows to automate daily repetitive tasks.

In desktop flow, users can automate operations that have been processed over the web or desktop.

Unlike these two automation flows, business process flow acts as a guide for users to get the work done effortlessly. It helps to achieve a streamlined process flow and consistent user experience throughout the business levels. Creating a set of steps for users to follow business process flow generates the same outcome regardless of their technical expertise or familiarity with the system.

What are the Microsoft Power Automate Use Cases?

Power automate has impacted almost every industry sector where business process flows are a significant part. Hence, Power Automate is making revolutionary changes from the healthcare industry to the oil and gas industries to the retail industry to the manufacturing industry

Power Automate in Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry is a paper-intensive sector in which we can find a lot of paperwork from start to end. Right from patient registration, every data is collected and stored in paper forms, making the process more complex. Since the healthcare industry adopts cloud-based technologies, IoT, Robotic Process Automation, the whole way they work has changed dramatically.

Being the enabler of RPA for businesses, Power Automate has numerous use cases for benefiting the healthcare industry, such as

  • Automation to transfer patient data into the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system
  • Automation to collect and store patient test results
  • Automated helpdesk and patient support processes
  • Automated Patient registration, admission and discharge
  • Healthcare staff onboarding and work schedule automation
  • Patient document validation and approval workflow
  • User authorization automation and automated billing and claims

Power Automate in Manufacturing Industry

Today, the importance of process automation in the manufacturing sector is not limited to the production lines, but it has been playing a significant role in managing inventory, purchase, sales, and delivery activities.

Thus, with its advanced capabilities, Microsoft Power Platform can accelerate the efficiency of manufacturing units by reducing the cost and time involved and improving the quality, response time, and workflow. The other process-specific uses cases of power automate are

  • Company data and document processing
  • Prompt supplier communication management
  • Streamlined Production processes, order management
  • Automated distribution and logistics tracking and reporting
  • Prompt response to customer queries and support

Power Automate in Retail Industry

The retail industry has got a fabulous makeover since retailing finds its ground in the digital landscape. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IOT), ERP systems, and POS software solutions and RPA retailers offer exceptional customer experience. Especially, automation technologies enabled retailers to gain strategic benefits by streamlining business processes and customer service activities.  

Offering high-level automation to optimize the retail business process, power automate helps retailers reduce the man-hours and complex data and inventory management challenges. Further, the additional use cases of power automate in the retail industry are as follows

  • Automated product return process management
  • Automated staff onboarding & offboarding, including payroll
  • Automated sales, inventory, and shipping management
  • Automated sales analytics, product promotions, loyalty management
  • Automated real-time information processing across systems POS and inventory control

Power Automate in Finance Industry

Finance and banking institutions find robotic process automation as a stroke of luck to optimize their business processes. With Power Automate, financial processes become faster and efficient while reducing data errors and process bottlenecks. Besides, Power Automate can transform many core operations in the financial sector, such as

  • Rapid customer validation process
  • N gent accounts payable processes
  • Automated customer data management
  • Credit application capturing and Processing
  • Automated application of accounting formulas
  • Automated orchestrating business processes
  • Automatic application of business compliances

Bottom Line:

Being a powerful tool to drive your business effectively, Microsoft Power Automate is an ideal solution to streamline your business processes intelligently. It will help you to reach your goals faster and provide operational advantages across your business journey. However, to tap the best from the tool, businesses need to implement it with their goals and capabilities in mind. Being a strategic partner for implementing Microsoft Power Platform solutions for businesses, our team is well versed in identifying what suits you best. Please reach us for your business process automation requirements.

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