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Innovation in IoT Devices and its Trends in 2021

Connected devices will obviously have a firm hold of various industries in the present. Since the pandemic Covid 19, has affected every aspect of our life, the evolution of innovations in IoT has been impacted a lot in the daily life of people amid the crisis. The connection between the world is being made easily possible with increased use cases with the IoT devices, which connects appliances and initiates the exchange of information.

Investment in the Healthcare IoT

Healthcare is delivered in a variety of improved automated means. The elderly and the disabled are helped with several digital automated variables, sensors, and connected devices. IoT, on the other hand, will also be useful to reduce the contact between people in such as crisis situation. This in turn would enable people to be cautious in care homes, especially in contagious sections.

We can also identify the increased visit of people with the aid of virtual platforms, taking virtual appointments with health care centers and doctors. In 2021, this trend is expected to continue as people find it more convenient as well as risk-free. Some devices will help individuals to stay independent at home, which would help them in the daily activities as well as to inform or warn others about emergencies, such as situations where they would need to depend on others.

Productive Work From Home

Employee transformation is essential for the age. In the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, it has nearly become impossible to work as a team from the office, conduct meetings, and the like for the effective functioning of an organization. This has been solved with the help of IoT devices & technology. Since worker health and safety are given more importance, this technology endorses work from home facility, virtual meetings, and so on for increasing the productivity of the firms. A perfect example would be the ALEXA, which works under AI technology. It permits us to engage in or work at the same time allows us in managing our day-to-day activities.

The AI-powered presentations which are possible with the help of many online platforms such as the MS Virtual Stage helps us to keep engaged and convey ideas more vividly. IoT refers to the proper monitoring of connected devices remotely much more effective technology. The human intervention can be notified whenever necessary by the devices with the help of this facility, until which the automated device keeps functioning.

Increased security and efficiency in Markets

Several non-essential outlets have been closed down due to the pandemic as it would reduce the risk caused to lives, while outlets that supply medicine and food are retained as they are necessary for survival. There have occurred several changes in the retail industry in the present crisis. Surveys have shown that Amazon has got more than 200 million customers per month. There are several issues that customers face these days with the online digital markets which include, the lack of trust, delivery issues, and the like.

The pandemic has made digital industries rely depend on IoT. The use of IoT and its profit is expected to increase by 2025. McKinsey predicts that the potential economic impact of IoT in retail environments will range from $410 billion to $1.2 trillion per year by 2025. The benefits of IoT include minimizing inventory error and optimize supply chain management. This would eventually labour cost. By decreasing unnecessary customer expenses and by enhancing their experience IoT has enabled traditional brick-and-mortar shop combat with the contemporary online-shopping world.

Several methods such as loyalty discounts could be given to customers by shops when they stand near the products with their smartphones. They might have to download an application based on it.

IoT and City

IoT devices can be used to monitor the various infrastructure used within a city. The traffic systems, public transport, road networks, and other amenities could be analyzed and monitored with ease. Even the use of energy in houses and businesses can be checked and measured with the help of smart meters. Both the trends of the users as well as their safety can be upheld firmly with the help of the Internet of Things.

More investment is expected in this field as new technological innovations are emerging in this area. Recreational activities are also one of the major concerns of the Internet of Things.

IoT and Edge Computing

IoT is referred to as the Internet of Everything these days. Companies and industries are making use of IoT to connect between devices and an evident shift can be seen to edge computing in IoT applications. Here, IoT gets connected to the cloud thereby connecting the physical world with that of the world of computing.

Less Power Consumption

Earlier Edge communication was dependent on cellular communication for connectivity. However, today there are several low bandwidth technologies such as SigFox and the like which provide other means of connectivity rather than a cellular connection. Due to these less power consumption methods, most organizations are shifting to such technologies.

Increases Edge Analytics

Presently, cloud computing is becoming more and more powerful, and hence more computing is to be done on to the cloud. Even though difficult and herculean tasks can be offloaded from the edge device, more power consumption, as well as bandwidth-related issues, might arise, and hence as real-time tasks are to be performed, more analytics is to be included over the edge. This would make things expensive where we can see that the processor manufacturers are taking the initiative to develop cost-effective products that would consume less power but high performance.

Improved Security Over the Edge

As edge devices are increasing as anything security does matter. This is mainly because most edge devices are not able to support standard security technologies such as TSL. As a result of this, their data are not encrypted which puts them at risk. To counter these, many communication protocols such as Bluetooth and SigFox have introduced support for encryption which eventually creates other challenges. On the other hand, due to the high performance of processors encryption and security issues can be dealt with to a greater extend.

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