iOS iPad App for Testing the Severity of Glaucoma in People

About the Customer


Visual Field Fast is a Singapore based healthcare practitioner that will allow healthcare professionals and individuals to easily identify problems with vision and seek help. Customer believes in the early detection of vision problems to prevent visual impairment and blindness.

Problem Statement

  • Leverage technology for early detection of vision problems.
  • The Customer was looking for a company to build a mobile app for iPad to easily identify problems with vision in people at an early stage and seek help to prevent visual impairment and blindness.

Solutions Delivered

  • Built an iOS App for iPad – The application generates visual patterns (noise) that a person with vision problems like Glaucoma will have difficulty to look at and based on the user’s response to these patterns, the severity of the vision problems can be classified as low med or high based on which the Eye Doctor(ophthalmologist) can proceed with the diagnosis.
  • iPad app was built using important phases: Wireframing, Architecture planning, Coding & integration, and Testing.
  • Tools & Technologies used: iOS, Swift.
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