Niranjan Nelamangalam named President of VRARA Bangalore Chapter

Niranjan Nelamangalam named President of VRARA Bangalore Chapter

June 2020
Niranjan Nelamangalam (Niru), is the Co-founder and CTO of ZiniosEdge Software Technologies.

He brings with him a wealth of experience in product development and lifecycle management, experience managing a large scale, globally spread engineering and delivery organization. With about 25 years of experience in technology, business and people management, Niranjan brings deep experience in managing rapid growth with creative and innovative methods to ensure consistency and quality in operations across departments, with a goal to ensure delivery of outstanding, industry-defining solutions and services.

At ZiniosEdge, AR, VR was a competency built quite early in comparison to the India services eco system and it provided us a unique advantage of an early adopter. As a services company with a specialization in AR/VR and Artificial Intelligence, Niranjan is also leading multiple initiatives inside the org to combine the power of AI and AR to provide great user experience for end users on mobile and web.

Prior to ZiniosEdge, Niranjan founded SMARANA Solutions, he held various roles working with Aditi Technologies, Talisma, WDS Global and NIIT Limited.

 In India, The VR AR Association has other chapters apart from Bangalore:
Ahmedabad, Kolkata, New Delhi and Pune

ZiniosEdge joined The VR AR Association three years back with intention to partner with other start-ups and enterprises and explore various possibilities to grow AR VR practice.

Association with The VR AR Association not only gave ZiniosEdge a platform to showcase its capability but also provided deep insights on adoption and need of AR VR by enterprises and end users.

If you have any great idea or you are already working on something interesting which can be showcased on a global platform, please reach out to Niranjan.

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