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Top 10 Digital Transformations Trends To Watchout in 2021

2020 has been a roller coaster ride for the world economy due to the unexpected outbreak of COVID19. It has been a long time since the world has witnessed a pandemic of this much vigor and volume. 2021 will never be the same. We are about to evolve into a new world order surprisingly similar to what humankind had experienced after the Second World War. 

In the coming years, the organizations’ survival worldwide may depend highly on the innovative strategies that will force them to adopt the latest digital transformation technologies in their quest for being the market leader with the maximum ROI. 

Hence let us have a glance at the Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends to watch out in 2021.

5G Dominance – The New Mantra of Success


Availability of high-speed data is no longer considered to be the luxury of the privileged. The outburst of Covid 19 and shifting of the job to home has exposed the need to pursue high data connectivity. Online classes, video conferences, remote working all have become the need of the hour. 

This has created a rise in search of reliable and secure high-speed data connectivity with improved or higher bandwidth. Our credence on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are surely on the rise, and it is mandatory to support this need by providing maximum customer satisfaction. And this is an area that most of the organizations will put their focus on in 2021 to enhance their future prospects.

Quantum Computing – Future of Cutting Edge Technology

Digital Transformation

Quantum computing is highly deemed as our road to future technological advancements. The tech giants such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft are already on their way to path-breaking researches in this field. Quantum computing applications could be found in an array of fields like Cybersecurity, Drug development, financial modeling, Traffic optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Logistics optimization, and so on. 

Quantum computing, once exploited to its greatest limits, can do wonders in optimizing technological enhancement around the globe. No wonder that the coming year may witness some breathtaking innovations in this regard especially due to the complexities that Covid 19 had driven us into.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Digital Transformation

It is no doubt that AI will be the driving force of future technology development. AI is an enormous region incorporating AI platforms, chat-bots, algorithm categories, analytics, etc. The recent pandemic constraints had been, in a way, a catalyst in promoting the widespread research on AI. 

The escalation of the use of AI is already creating a big impact on what we shop, what we eat and even on our choice of the preferred mode of entertainment. The organizations around the world, both in the public and private sector, will be working rigorously to come out with effective products focusing on the needs of the end-user. Having said that, it is mandatory to have proper monitoring of the rapid growth of AI, to ensure the constructive use of it. 

The coming year will definitely see a faster scale of growth of AI, as the availability of the resources is getting better and cheaper with the introduction of more players in this field. The maintainability and scalability of AI can still pose a great challenge to entrepreneurs. Accountability is a key feature of any development in this field.

Work from Home – Cost-Efficient Strategy

Digital Transformation

The flexibility in working hours and schedules was a distant dream for many prior to Covid-19. They were often left with limited or no choice. But the vigorous lockdown procedures during the pandemic had forced the companies to find out an alternative as they couldn’t afford to have a complete standstill for an unprecedented time. 

Hence, work from home naturally had become the only available choice. The deployment of basic facilities at home was the only requirement that had to be catered at the beginning. It was a blessing in disguise, temporarily to avoid a huge financial crisis. Even though there are relaxations in lockdown norms, most of the organizations are not in any sort of urgency to get back to the old pattern of office works. 

Indeed, some tech giants like Google and Facebook seem to continue with the present working arrangement for their staff in the coming year. There seems to be no hurry even in the smaller companies, as they don’t want to expose their staff to the pandemic. The situation is still vulnerable in different parts of the world. This strategy could be something to watch out for in the digital transformation process in 2021, as to how far it may go?

Cyber Security Gaining Momentum

Digital Transformation

As the workplace had extended to homes, securing data privacy is going to be the next challenge. The security, privacy, and confidentiality of sensitive data should be maintained as there are reports of increasing cyber threats. 

Companies like Microsoft and Cisco have started tremendous efforts to strengthen up research in firewall applications, intrusion detection systems, etc. It is high time that the companies should tighten their cloud networks and upgrade the cybersecurity strategies in order to accommodate the work from the home aspect, keeping in mind the use of gadgets like mobile phones and tabs. 

More sophisticated programs, codes, and algorithms have to be developed to handle any sort of insurgencies; simultaneously, it will open doors of fortune for many companies working in these fields. On the whole, there will be a lot of promising prospects for those who focus on software, cloud computing, and hardware manufacturing in the years to come.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Digital Transformation

The extent to which an entrepreneur makes use of SaaS depends a lot on the volume and complexity of his business. SaaS’s software delivery method makes SaaS the darling of many, which allows the easy access of data from any device with a normal internet connection and a not so complex web browser. The subscription payment model of SaaS helps small business firms to adopt even robust and modern software systems. 

The statistics show rapid growth in the use of the SaaS system compared to PaaS or IaaS products. Hence it is expected to continue to an escalation in the coming years as well. The wide popularity of cloud computing is promoting the use of SaaS. It stays as a hot product, as it gives the buyers the license to customize the UI.  With the immense growth of cloud accessibility, it is now much easier and less expensive for SaaS developers to produce high-quality products.  

Smart Devices

Application Performance Monitoring

Technology is changing day by day, and the pace of life is also getting much faster. The market studies show that the pandemic had triggered a high consumer demand for hybrid electronic gadgets. 

The need to stay connected had resulted in the use of better, less complicated and versatile devices. It is believed that 2021 will witness the production of some out of the box gadgets which may blow your mind. Let it be mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or any other such devices; there is a rising demand for multi-tasking machines irrespective of size and shape. The biggest transformation in technology may be expected in this sector.

Shopping Experiences

Online shopping experience

The advent of technology had shrunk the world to fit pocket size. The post-Covid pandemic era is going to ignite a boom in online shopping. The business firms are trying to provide custom shopping experiences to their customers. Serious focus is given to customer development and retention. 

The expansion programs of such firms can bring in healthy competition worldwide. Conquering the new markets and getting the lion’s share of it had already started topping to-do lists for many.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Digital Transformation

The most valuable thing in the world of marketing and trade undoubtedly is customer data. Companies of all sizes in every industry can purchase a CDP to improve their sales and marketing and create a one-on-one relationship with their end-users. It helps to develop unique customer loyalty programs and reaching out to similar audiences. 

The possession of CDP can assist in personalizing the user experience, especially in e-commerce platforms.  Adobe, SAP, Oracle, Treasure Data, and Microsoft have already made considerable investments to conquer the market with robust and improved CDPs. Using a CDP along with your other first-party data can create a high-value audience for advertisers. The coming year may witness a significant leap in this aspect.

Hybrid Cloud

Digital Transformation

The main aim of using cloud computing is to support a fast-moving digital business transformation. The hybrid cloud helps improve agility. The public cloud systems can provide you the scalability, reliability, and CAPEX even though there is a compromise on data security at times. 

Hybrid clouds are turning out to be the best choice. It can provide users with the benefits of both private and public clouds. It helps the companies to maintain the right balance for their cloud-related infrastructure needs. 

The pandemic’s sudden disruptions had undoubtedly created a broader sensitivity towards the need to establish hybrid cloud networks. There is exponential growth in this field, yet there are tough questions for addressing privacy and security issues.

To sum up, a lot of digital transformation will take place in full swing in 2021, irrespective of whatever challenges and roadblocks we have faced in 2020. It is the need of the hour, and humankind had always shown this innate skill of overcoming challenges throughout history to date.

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