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Engaging the users has a key role in e-business these days. People who surf websites should not be disappointed by any means. There are several methods and significantly improved and powerful web design methods for a better user experience. Let’s look at some of the means of attaining the best web designs possible.

AI-powered Chat-bots

We have all encountered chatbots that communicate with us in both audio and text forms. Have we ever wondered how this is possible? However, an AI-powered chatbot is way more different when compared to the normal chatbot. It works using a different principle. It makes use of Natural Language Processing(NLP) and Machine Learning(ML).

This enables the bots to present more precise and close to human replies. This would make websites much more effective and user friendly. The user will find the essential answers to their confusions and business will be made easier.

AI chatbots require a lot of expertise to be constructed. These bots are given the usual input data to analyze, comprehend, and eventually provide the essential output. In other words, they respond to the query raised by the user. The AI chatbot bridges the user and the programmer. It is later trained according to the input they receive to make the website much more effective for the user. They seem to be intensely useful and promote the business to the next well. The tags created for the parts of speech are much more essential as to improve the performance of the AI chatbots.

It should be noted that the user’s necessity and the organizational targets are to be considered while choosing bots. Usually, the AI chatbot builders prefer the drag and drop style. Apart from that, the choice of language is also to be considered. All AI chatbots are pre-trained to suit the needs of the industry. Despite being pre-trained, these bots need to train regularly to maintain improved and effective communication with the user.

Color Schemes

Color is considered to be the most significant and core part of our perception. It is considered to be the most powerful tool for a designer. Color has a crucial role in seeking the users’ attention and getting them engaged on the site. If you do not find the right colors for your project, you will not achieve your business’s desired targets. 

If you use warm and cool colors, it may not be appealing. The color scheme chosen should be of attractive and pleasing for a variety of users. Vibrant and engaging colors are the choice of most website designers to get the users’ attention with ease. You need to care at this selection about those who have issues with colors such the colorblind users. The most accepted combination would be to have cool and soft colors in the background and include bright and warm colors for the page’s active elements. The blue  backgrounds along with the red-orange combination, would appear much impressive for the users.

The content has a great role in selecting the color scheme. Earthly colors such as that of the clear blue sky along with the earthly green colors might be appreciable by a majority of the users. Similarly, a calm and reminiscent image in a website would demand such a calm color as emerald green. Hence the content of the site is a determining fact in the choice of color scheme

Organic Background

Organic backgrounds have developed as a recent innovative trend in the process of web designing. Combining products with nature seems to have a greater impact in fetching the attention of the audience. Even electronic and furniture companies would select such backgrounds to show build a connection with nature thereby creating a better link with their customers or users.

The aim here is to merge the technological and natural worlds. Several natural materials are used to evoke the sense of nature in people, such as paper, burlap, tape, wood and other materials. The colors, shapes, and materials used should give the user a hint of nature. Most the modern websites use graphics related to nature, which reflects a higher influence on users. By organic, we shouldn’t intend the natural objects alone rather, even an old photograph or disordered wallpapers can be considered organic, just like a piece of wood.

Creating an organic website is a matter of fact related to all the possible amenities. There should be earthly colors that are vibrant such as purple or burnt oranges. The use of vibrant colors, on the other hand, can also be made organic in appearance. The more balanced the colors are, the more the users will find it impressed. The use of vibrant colors such as fire truck red should be balanced with the calm colors, which creates an organic outlook.

Motion UI

The motion UI facility has been introduced to make websites highly and effectively responsive. It is beneficial to both the web developer as well as to the user. The developer will find it easy to create more responsive as well as adaptive motion even within a native application. This technology enables the user to have a totally intense and impressive experience, making them engaged in the site.

Moreover, it becomes possible to present the essential and important information in interactive and striking ways. The simple and effective animations such as loading spinners will make the user find the site attractive.

The movement of backgrounds in a subtle manner would create a feeling of life in the page. Users often find such animated elements both thrilling and absorbing. Each and every region of the website could be analyzed with the help of Motion UI technology.

Full-page Header

The website header serves a prime purpose that helps the user determine whether the site holds the content of their choice. The perfect header enables the reader to navigate through the page with ease. The surfing experience through the website will be made more enthralling for the user. Different web developers may use different headers and formats, however, the basic target is to promote uninterrupted navigation.

Headers are mainly of two types- fixed or floating headers. The developer’s choice depends on the kind of the user necessities and the user. Fixed headers are static and will be lost once scrolled. Depending on the design, the floating header may change, as it is not fixed rather stays on the screen even while scrolled. It also aids navigation even while the user reads the bottom part of a page as the header will still be visible on the screen. Logo, navigation, and page title are the main expected header features in all websites.

Perfect Storytelling

The customers’ demands are to be met by each and every website. Hence, websites should make sure that they give the details on the organization’s services. The best method would be to give examples of the services they had provided along with their success stories that would convince the user to develop trust in the firm. This includes the method of solving problems as well as providing guidelines to avoid them.

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