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Why Cloud First and Cloud Now is The Most Urgent Business Strategy for You?

Without a doubt, cloud technology has saved numerous organizations from disruption. According to a report published by Allied Market Research, In 2019, the global cloud services market was valued at $325,689 million and is expected to reach $1,620,597 million by 2030, registering a CAGR of 15.8%. The pandemic has amplified the growth of the cloud service market.

In this article, we will thoroughly discuss cloud first and cloud now strategy, its benefits, and why businesses should adopt this strategy:

What is Cloud First and Cloud Now Strategy?

As the name indicates, cloud first and cloud now strategy is the practice of providing high priority to cloud-based solutions over others. For implementing the cloud strategy, the company tackles existing or new problems with cloud computing solutions and accommodates most of the infrastructure and resources in the cloud.

With the growth of online operations because of the pandemic, more cloud-based applications are used to complete the tasks and serve customers in an organization. Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report revealed that, In 2021, 83% of enterprises reported that their annual cloud spending exceeds $1.2 million per year. Investing in the cloud brings forth several benefits to a business.

Benefits of Cloud First and Cloud Now Strategy

Cloud first and cloud now strategy help companies to improve operations swiftly, speed up technical alterations, and deduct the overhead expenses of outdated system set-ups.

Given below are the 4 major perks to grow a business exponentially:

1. Cost-effective:

Managing applications and servers on-premise can be a very costly affair. On the other hand, cloud first and cloud now strategy proves to be more cost-effective than building and maintaining own physical alternatives. Perhaps, cloud is not cheaper for all the variety of solutions that a company might require. But, it saves labor, equipment, and hosting costs as it helps in reducing the cost of renting space, buying types of equipment, and payment for power supply.

2. Scalability:

For fast-growing businesses, the cloud first and cloud now strategy is a boon. Scaling up is unavoidable for a rapidly expanding company. In such a scenario, handling the technology stack internally can become a difficult task. Cloud computing can easily help you scale your business processes with its autoscaling feature. Autoscaling in the cloud enhances the performance by adding or removing services like server or storage capacity as per requirement automatically.

3. Reliability:

A company can lose revenue and the trust of customers if they face any kind of hardware outages or software issues. Cloud-based solutions are a reliable remedy to choose as they ensure no downtime or disruption in running servers and applications. Further, automatic failover is already configured by your cloud service providers if any failure occurs from their end. Automatic failover is the process in which the system automatically gets switched to a reliable backup system.

4. Security and Stability:

Accepting cloud first and cloud now strategy offers better security and stability as the data is encrypted before being stored in the cloud. According to RapidScale Report, 94% of businesses observed significant improvements in online security after implementation of the cloud-based solutions. Moreover, using the cloud for data backup can secure it during disasters like system failure, theft, or computer virus. A company can quickly recover its data anytime and keep its system stable and running.

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Why Should Businesses Opt for Cloud First and Cloud Now Strategy?

Cloud first and cloud now strategy opens doors for the latest and best technology for all types of businesses. It provides remote access that enables speedy solutions by connecting people from different parts of the world. The member of an organization can communicate and collaborate online efficiently that increases productivity. On top of that, the elasticity of the cloud helps in utilizing the only required resources.

With the prevention of resources from being wasted, maintenance is also a crucial aspect of the cloud. Most of the cloud-based solutions get updated automatically. It saves the time of the IT staff from performing manual updates of the hardware and software. The burden on IT specialists turns down as a significant amount of work is handled by the cloud service providers. Keeping their growth in mind, companies should opt for this strategy.


For getting ahead of competitors in this digital era, a business needs to apply cloud first and cloud now strategy. It brings around vital digital transformation for a thriving business. The manner in which an organization operates alters positively with the implementation of this strategy. It builds a flexible, configurable, and hassle-free business model that is highly beneficial for the company. This is why the cloud first and cloud now strategy is the most urgent strategy for you.

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