Why Outsourcing IT Development can be a game-changing in COVID-19?

Why Outsourcing IT Development can be a game-changing in COVID-19?

IT Outsourcing has been a cost and value driven strategy in pre-COVID-19 state and would remain hold true even in the post-COVID-19 state as well.  According to NTT’s 2020 Global Managed Services Report, 45% companies will outsource more than insource over the next 18 months. 57% of companies have cited security risks related to managing IT in-house as a key issue.

Prolonged economic downturn in various business verticals has compelled companies to embrace stringent budget cuts which has left no space for overhead spending. Companies are focusing more on their core business activities by outsourcing their software projects.

In the current state of business highly influenced by the coronavirus pandemic, companies would be bound to rethink from just ‘Developers-on- Hire’ to ‘Strategic IT Partners’ that can help in maintaining the product stability and growth.

With a strategic IT partner working along with your in-house team will minimize the spend and time for maintenance and support activities. Remote team can easily provide other managed services to minimize other overhead costs.

As per a recent report from the market research company, global cloud market is expected to be $295 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 12.5%. There is huge surge in adoption of cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, GCP and AWS by IT and Non-IT organizations to enable access for employees, vendors, suppliers and customers to maintain the business continuity.

The coronavirus pandemic has raised demand of Remote Patient Consulting Platforms, Video Consultation and Telemedicine solutions in the healthcare domain and would become a new normal post COVID-19.

Usability, Performance, Security, Scalability are major challenged in the COVID-19 and would remain post COVID-19 as well. With limited team of developers and growing demand of these platforms are compelling IT product-based companies to engage strategic offshore development teams to help them in maintaining stability and gradually expanding in all geo regions who are impacted with coronavirus pandemic.

ZiniosEdge has a team all geared up to take up challenging assignments as it has kept track of various IT challenges and demand in various business verticals and has been continuously working on building team of experts in Digital Reality (AR VR MR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud technologies.

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