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Our digital enterprise transformation allows clients to harness efficiency, productivity and revenue-boosting benefits of innovative emerging technologies.

We promise our customers to drive competitive advantage and growth by harnessing the digital ideas and technologies in New Digital Age World that is all about Cloud Engineering, Mobility, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Internet of Things (IoT), Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Science.


We help you address complex business problems with technology solutions.

Join us and discover the Next Age Technologies and Solutions by global leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon, SalesForce, Oracle, SAP and choose the right technology solutions that suit your business needs to power your future ahead of your competition.

Our Clients

We are proud of contributing to the success of the world’s leading brands

ZiniosEdge Delivery Model

ZiniosEdge Delivery Model

Offshore Delivery Model

ZiniosEdge offshore delivery model is structured to provide the best cost effective alternative for our clients. End to End project design, development activities are done in our premises. The client interacts directly with the offshore team and manages the project.

Onsite Delivery Model

This model is suited for projects that have specific needs in terms of resource and skillset required for the project. Our skilled professionals are deployed on the client’s premises and work directly with the client as per their process.

Hybrid Delivery Model

This model is composed of a combination of both onsite and offshore delivery models. It provides the best of both models, and results in optimized costs and maximized efficiency. The onsite team works directly with the clients and also handles the offshore team without the client having to worry about the offshore team.

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We are proud of contributing to the success of the world’s leading brands

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