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Our Data Science Solutions

Data is becoming the life breath of every businesses today. Moreover, data is the fuel to drive the advanced enterprises systems and applications that enable enterprises to take informed decisions. realizing the importance of data and its use cases, ZiniosEdge offers advanced data science solutions to derive meaningful insights for businesses. 

Our Data Science Solutions harness the potential of big data to reveal the trends and patterns and enable businesses to gain insights to drive innovation. Leveraging the technology, our data scientists help organizations on business case identification, veracity assessment, data analysis, value mapping and much more. 

Data Science Services

Our Data Science Approach

Our data science solutions spans from statistical analysis to advanced machine learning algorithms deployment. Having advanced expertise in all data science solutions that businesses need today to excel, we offer time-tested data science approach for each client, addressing their business challenges. 

data science services
Data Identification

Identifying data is critically important to make use of it. Our data science solutions approach help organizations to identify unstructured data.

Data Science Solutions
Data Evaluation

Classifying and evaluating the identified data, our data scientists determine the relevant data sets to create data models based on business requirements and purpose.

data science services
Data Solution

We create actionable insights to transform your business with advance data solutions while analyzing the risk and opportunity for your business. We help to reduce risk and improve opportunity analyzing data.

Our Data Science Services

Data Science Services

Predictive Analytics

Analyzing your current and historical business data our data science solution experts predict the future trends and patterns accurately.

Data Science Solutions

Machine Learning

Experience the wealth of Machine Learning features with our data science solutions and excel your business to new hights.

Data Science

Data Engineering

Optimize the data flow from systems and manage your business data efficiently with our data engineering services.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence services bundled together the strategies and technologies to offer a smart and intelligent business environment.

Customer Insight

Customer Insight

Interpret data to have a clear vision on the customer behavior and trends while increasing the efficiency of your sales and marketing tactics with the patterns.

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine

Use advanced recommendation engines with updated machine learning algorithms to drive your business and gain competitive advantages.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

Identify what is out of normal behaviour with anomaly detection. We help you to detect uncommon data points, events and much more accurately in real-time.

Data Science Solutions

Cost Optimization

Maximize your business value by optimizing cost factors analyzing the spending and cost trends of customers in the market

Statistical Model

Statistical Modeling

Uncover market trends and patterns with advanced statistical models with our data science solutions and get ahead in the market

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Attribution Modeling

Identify the touchpoints across the conversion path in your business. Get the clear picture of your sales funnel with attribution modeling.

Data Science Services

Data wrangling

Gather, clean and transform datasets to address analytical questions. Our data scientists are ready to do the hard work to help you have a data-driven business model.

Data Science Solutions

Data Personalization

Improve customer experience with personalized products / services. Our data science solutions team help you to get it right.

How Our Data Science Solutions Adds Value?

digital big data application development
  • Leverage Neural Network, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for data modeling
  • Business-appropriate data modeling and algorithm deployment.
  • Advanced business intelligence with real-time insights
  • Cognitive and operational intelligence solutions for business operations
  • Enhanced workforce optimization and infrastructure utilization
  • Intelligent business forecasting for making informed decisions
  • Decision Support with advanced techniques and accuracy
  • Improved accuracy and profitability with data-driven targets

Industry-based Data Science Solutions

Data Science Solutions
Real Estate

Scale Your Business Value with Advanced Data Science Solutions

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