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We help business to derive accurate data insights from images. Our image analysis services offers meaningful value-driven output for businesses. 

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Image Analysis: Its Application In Business

Business is widely employing data extraction techniques to fetch out meaningful information from the images, primarily digital images and it is concurrently helping to accelerate development and production as well as bringing out innovation, enhancing overall business performance and driving maximum revenue. The business world has undergone an overall transformation. Every product and service you are selling should be advertised and supported with images that reciprocate what you are actually offering to your customers. In conjunction with digitization tactics, image analysis also imbibes compression, and encoding/decoding to ensure secure image usage.

The finest image analysis services providers, utilize the most advanced image processing solutions such as image enhancement and restoration for highlighting valuable information in the images and videos as well as recognition of the image and data extracted from it.

image analysis services

ZiniosEdge Image Analysis Services​

ZiniosEdge incorporates the technical skills and tools for delivering premium image analysis solutions and landing up with an exceptional business output:

  • Character recognition and data extraction from videos and images and enhancing the image in parallel and restoring it and making it processable.
  • Feature analytics is done with the motive to encapsulate maximum information required for solving the critical application tasks with multiple frames applying Machine Learning and Image Processing algorithms.
  • Integration with ERP, POS systems
  • Quality assessment and internal damage rectification by leveraging image analysis algorithms.
  • AI-driven Video analytics for monitoring and threat detection with real-time alerts, detection of objects and extracting other valuable information to organize the data outputted for analysis in the future for eliminating manual surveillance.
Image analysis services

Intelligent Image Processing

Our image analysis solution offers image search, enhancement, restoration, segmentation, labeling, object detection, classification and so on.

Video Analytics Solutions

Our image analysis services offer advanced video analytics solutions for businesses to collect and analyze visitors and their data leveraging AI and Computer vision. 

3D Environment Construction

Analyzing images and videos we help reconstructing unknown environments  which can used by multiple industry sectors for reconstructing properties in 3D. 

Data Extraction

Leveraging optical character recognition and data extraction technologies, we make data extraction easy for businesses from text based unstructured data sources. 

Footfall Analysis

Analyze the number of visitor entered in a space whether it is a retail shop or public space.. Our image analysis service help to you find the footfall accurately. 

Face Detection

Our image analysis services offer advanced face detection solutions for enterprises to identify people with their data leveraging AI and Computer vision. 

People Journey

Analyzing the movement of people with AI camera technologies we help to track the movement of people around a destined premises (shopping centers, office, retail marts etc.)

Productivity Tracking

Leveraging IoT, AI & ML our image analysis services helps companies to track productivity across their business facilities. Whether it is a corporate office of industrial workshop. 

Activity Tracking

Our video analysis solution offers accurate activity tracking that enable managers to identify in what activity the employee or people are involved in and create a productive and agile environment. 

Workplace Safety (PPE Tracking)

Our image analysis services offer advanced PPE tracking service help workplace supervisors to check whether the workers are properly using their safety outfits and wearables while working. 

Workplace Safety (Incident Tracking)

Analyzing the movements and work floor incident tracking service help worksite managers to oversee the floor and quickly get informed about the incidents happened around the floor.  

Workplace Security Monitoring

Through our video analysis service we provide advanced workplace security monitoring service that will closely monitor the incomings and outgoings from a premises

Why ZiniosEdge?

Being the finest image analysis services provider, ZiniosEdge offers image analysis solutions by seamlessly integrating into your current setup on time.

IoT Application Development
Unleash Business Potential

We utilize our extensive knowledge and expertise in technology to unleash the potential of your business.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
A Trusted Partner

As your confidante, ZiniosEdge works end-to-end from image refinement to working with software for data extraction.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Serving Organizations

We have been serving organizations with image analysis solutions for processing, manipulating, and interpreting deep insights from the images.

ZiniosEge As Your Image Analysis Services Provider

We ensure all the images and data given by our customers is safe and secure and transferred only over highly secured pathways. We work by making an understanding of your target audience and provide the quality of output that is expected.

For converting the paper-based unorganized data to machine-readable format, our specialized crew employs document recognition technologies to build custom Data Extraction algorithms. In addition, we apply custom OCR algorithms for digitizing the bulk of manually written drafts and perform process automation. Employing AI algorithms, our image analysis services deliver create better user experiences and ultimately lead to top-notched quality products.

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