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Creating smart enterprises providing advanced industrial IOT services. We enable industries leverage technology to gain efficiency and transform for a better business experience. 

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Industrial Internet Of Things

IIoT is certainly the biggest industry revolution of the Internet era because most Internet of Things deployments today happens in the Industrial Internet of Things. Most of the industries specifically manufacturing and productions are adopting IIoT for its improved connectivity between devices, time and cost savings, raised efficiency as well as safety in terms of industrial point of view.

With increasing adoption of automation, need of all time connectivity among resources as men, machines and materials involved in many manufacturing & industrial process. Industrial IoT brings greater advantage to Industrial setup where a large number of devices and machines, like smart sensors and actuators are connected and synchronized for enhancing the productivity in the factories. Adoption of IIoT in current factory setup empowers the management to make business decisions faster and accurately. 

industrial IOT services

ZiniosEdge As Industrial IoT Solutions Provider

We at ZiniosEdge as an IIoT solution company provide complete end-to-end IoT services right from consulting and strategizing to implementation and integration of internet-of-things into the client’s infrastructure for providing a perfect IoT ecosystem. With digital innovation catching up widespread adoption in factories, Industrial Automation evolving to Automation 4.0/ Industry 4.0, industries and production processes are operating as Smart Factory with connected workers, Robots to Cobots and connected devices communicating in real time. Utilizing growing network of tools and systems, we offer flexible strategies with high-security to design and  manage diverse industry environment and IoT devices.

We are helping businesses to unleash the infinite potential and possibilities with internet-of-things. Along with the internet of things app development services, we provide complete support & maintenance services to our customers.

Industrial IoT Consulting Services

Get your industrial IoT road map and drive your industry with advanced process insights and analytics. We help you to implement the right IoT strategy and connected infrastructure.

IIOT Backend and API Development

Our Industrial IoT team is well-versed to draw the accurate IoT infrastructure for your business. We help you to develop the most secure and agile APIs to get the best out of your industrial IoT network.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
App Development for IoT Devices

Get industry-appropriate IoT devices. Build intelligent applications for IoT devices and gain valuable data insights in real-time to have a predictive environment in your enterprise.

IoT Application Development
IoT Application Development

With IoT application development, we aim to deploy IoT features into your business for improving marketing automation, revenue generation, an enhanced chain of supplies and sales.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Custom IoT Solutions

Our IoT app developers deliver custom solutions for storing and analyzing data, helping enterprises create user location-based context, and transmitting digital information efficiently.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Advanced Analytics

Analyze huge volume of data generated by connected devices and gain actionable insights, optimize operations, control processes to optimize your business operations.

Our Industrial IOT Services Include

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Dashboard Solutions

Build advanced dashboard to monitor and improve efficiency of the production process by tracking equipment performance, and quality of goods

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacon based Solutions
RPi (Raspberry) based Proof of Concept before full scale implementation

We provide Raspberry based proof of concept before we head for a full scale IIOT implementation.

ZiniosEdge Partner with IIoT Development Platforms for the rapid development and deployment of smart, connected devices.

ZiniosEdge offers advanced IIOT solutions and Vuforia based Augmented Reality applications. Our partnering IIOT enablers offers a complete, end-to-end technology platform for the rapid development and deployment of smart, connected devices designed for the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  Its set of integrated IoT development tools support connectivity, analysis, production, and other aspects of IoT development, and empower businesses to rapidly develop and deploy powerful applications and augmented reality (AR) experiences.

ZiniosEdge with its strong AR/VR application development capabilities leverages different IIoT capabilities, to build powerful industrial AR / VR, IOT solutions for customers. All ofthe Industrial IOT partners we shake hands with are utilized by leading industry analysts for their IIoT innovation and capabilities that are not limited to:

IIOT Infra Development

With our team and runtime engine, we create the applications in real-time. The visual application model and templates increase efficiency and reuse, with less development time. Analytics and augmented reality tools help in the quicker development of the applications.

IIOT Solution Development Association

There are a host of drivers available, legacy devices, wired and wireless network mediums, and connectivity to the database, software applications, and other OPC servers that our partners provides to connect to the cloud.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering

Offering insights, predictions, and recommendations in real-time with native and 3rd party tools for quick analyzing of the data and automating the complex analytical process.


ThingWorx assures secured, authenticated, and encrypted communications across networks and comply with a wide range of client or device standards, as well as the configuration of data tunnels.

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