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Our Digital Reality Solutions

Augmented Reality Solutions


Augmented Reality (AR) enables industries and brands to play a more valuable role in how technology immerses customers’ daily lives. It works by superimposing 3D image models /computer-generated images in a real-world environment. Also, it could develop on multiple fronts with different industrial dimensions. 

ZiniosEdge’s augmented reality solution got all the expertise and confidence to bring out your innovative ideas into shape. We help you out with the product strategy, design, development, testing, management, and maintenance.

Virtual Reality Solutions

Character Design

Virtual reality solutions are expanding their grip across every single industry. It not only helps to simplify the complex business/industrial operations but helps to increases ROI exponentially. Since VR starts to transform the way people and businesses experience technology, it has transformed almost every sector more experiential.

Experience state-of-the-art virtual reality solutions with innovation and expertise in place. Ziniosedge’s Virtual Reality solution helps you to drive strategetical and operational advantage across your business landscape. Please select the appropriate service you need from the host of the virtual reality solutions we provide.

Mixed Reality Solutions


Mixed Reality can transform the way we work and experience our environment.

Mixed Reality is a collective representation of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and IoT trends. Through Mixed Reality, we can create a new environment by clubbing virtual and real-world spaces. This technology can bring a paradigm shift in many industrial sectors and user engagement models.

ZiniosEge’s Mixed Reality solution offers end-to-end MR product development services for every prospect. Our expert team has always been updating the evolving trends in digital reality development and helping industries to reduce their operational effort with Mixed Reality Solutions.

Web AR and Web VR Solutions


Web AR and Web VR enables your audience to experience augmented Reality and virtual Reality through their devices. It facilitates AR/VR experience right from the custom Url to the audience without any hassles and advanced ARcore support functionalities.

Open new roads of business opportunities with web augmented Reality and web virtual reality solutions.

Digital Twins


Digital Twin Offers Multiple Use Cases to Simplify the Physical Operations Across Industries

Digital twin is an innovative tech-solution that helps to reconstruct any physical objects. With the aid of IoT technology, today’s digital twin is improving operation, efficiency and offers predictive solutions for industries.
The application of Digital Twin is more prominent across industries such as healthcare, utilities, disaster management, product manufacturing, designing, risk analysis, city development, and much

Use Cases and Service Offerings

Education & Training

Make learning more engaging and interactive. Get your employees to train more realistically with AR applications.


Deliver a new way of immersive shopping experience with augmented Reality.


Optimize your production practices and working conditions more efficiently with AR tools.


Perform your healthcare practices more precisely and effectively with augmented Reality.


Make automotive design, inspection, and repairs easy with augmented reality apps and tools.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering

Create a detailed visual presentation of your real-estate assets & help the users to make an informed decision


Introduce a new level of interactive retail shopping experience to the customers.

Gaming Sector

Turn the gaming experience more immersive and interactive with AR elements.

IoT Application Development
Branding & Marketing

Bring the customers closer to your products and let them experience the brand immersively.

Field Service Support

Digital reality tools help field workers to take a visual tour across the issue areas. It simplifies the work and fixes.

Remote Assistance

Let your employees promptly collaborate with experts remotely with AR maps and reduce the downtime


Let the globe-totterers try their holiday getaways before buying it. Make tourism more exciting and engaging.


Head off for a 3600 visual experience and brings the viewers more into an emotional connection with the shows and media contents


Prompt the donors to move to the action by immersing them in the world's real-life situation with virtual reality tours.


Locate, sort, scan, and move your inventory much smarter and faster way with AR Tools


Drive your events more experiential and mobile with digital reality solutions. Increase engagement and ROI of events.


Digital Reality Solution Development Lifecycle


Enabling Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Everyone

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