automotive solutions

Automotive Solutions

Automotive Solutions

Today, automotive industries are facing plenty of roadblock to find new markets, stay stable in the dynamic market, improve efficiency, enhance productivity and optimize processes. 

We have come up with the relevant solutions conducive to the automotive industry and have been serving the client with our in-depth AI/ML, IIOT coupled with AR/VR/MR and Digital Twins expertise for getting along in this vast industry. We help to simplify complex automotive industry processes such as prototyping, car assembling, and vehicle maintenance in a better and much more in an effective way.

automotive solutions

ZiniosEdge’s AR/VR Automotive Services

The augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies have been the most preferable and most utilized technologies in the automotive sector and the vendors seem to make huge investments in the same. We offer them at very affordable rates and they present great prospects for application in the automotive industry. We help Automotive customers with solutions on:

Process Automation

Digital transforming the processes for accomplishing a workflow, AR helps with the Process automation to automate strategic points within workflows with human intervention

Customer Connected Marketing

Customer-centric approach is the core business principle and the AR implementation helps in making feedback, social posts and engaging content

Digital Auto Showrooms

Automobile showrooms are now going virtual as the real estate is shooting up the cost and the dealers now implementing the VR solutions to achieve the needful.

Assisted Service Management

Efficiently managing all service activities for different kinds of transporters and vehicles. Users can use a fleet service management solution and incorporate AR/VR.

IoT Application Development
Enhancing Customer Experience

Augmented reality services facilitate exclusive products such as windshield projectors, see-through displays, or various wearables to make the driver known information about their surrounding environment, conditions, and provides immediate information on any happenings outside.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Real-Time Analytics

Connecting AR devices with advanced image recognition technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, internal databases, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides a meaningful and unique augmentation of business operations by creating powerful analyzing vehicles.

ZiniosEdge Take On Automotive Industries

AR and VR technology have the full potential to multiply the use cases and integrate into the ecosystem of a vehicle, production, and the sales process useful for both drivers and car manufacturers. Not only augmented reality apps help customers to pick cars, but it also makes driving safer. Digital AR manuals allow users to maintain a car by themself.

Our professional crew will be at your service to advise you on how to use augmented reality effects in every business operation that brings your business to an all-new level.

Our prominent industry roles are observable in the following solutions we have been offering so far with our expertise in digital solutions:

HRMS Compliance System for Dealers
Intranet Portal
Business Intelligence
Quality Management System

Transform Your Business Journey with Advanced Automotive Solutions

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