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Aviation Industry: The Ever Challenging Sector

The aviation industry is by far one of the fastest-growing industries in the globe and has a direct influence on any nation’s economy as it is responsible for creating well-paying jobs as well as driving the GDP. Hence it has revenue in millions and for smooth functioning in the industry, it is a must that there must be no hassles in the operations.

In recent times, the world has seen some challenges faced by the aviation industry such as passenger traffic causing busy airports, accommodating an increased volume of the aircraft movement, controlling freight traffic on the transport trajectory, crew management with growing crew sizes and ever-changing crew expectations and implementing an effective Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) strategy for the replacement, test, measurements, and repairs of the components to keep them at a usable state.

ZiniosEdge Solutions For Aviation Industries

To overcome the prevailing issues, ZiniosEdge has been building Holo Lens-based training solution for crew. These solutions are useful in MRO as well so as to avoid massive costs incurred if not taken care of at the right time.

Flight Examination

With the eminent VR technology, we train the ground crew properly and ensure they are prepared for any ensuing unwanted circumstances.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Cabin Crew Training

VR helps in ensure the staff is well-prepared for facing any high-risk situations such as hijacking or a threatened crash.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Aircraft Maintenance

VR helps to train the mechanics to repair aircraft engines and practice on any aircraft model and study any detail along with improving their skills.

Impact Of AR/VR In Aviation Industry

The immersive technology AR and VR help in saving the cost and time for training engineers to work with specific engine types and models significantly. Virtual reality eases the entire training process to become faster and cost-effective.

Virtual reality also makes training available at any place and time with an impression to be working on the equipment hence making the equipment available for the staff is also not required as VR suffices the purpose.

ZiniosEdge Delivery Model

Offshore Delivery Model

ZiniosEdge offshore delivery model is structured to provide the best cost effective alternative for our clients. End to End project design, development activities are done in our premises. The client interacts directly with the offshore team and manages the project.

Onsite Delivery Model

This model is suited for projects that have specific needs in terms of resource and skillset required for the project. Our skilled professionals are deployed on the client’s premises and work directly with the client as per their process.

Hybrid Delivery Model

This model is composed of a combination of both onsite and offshore delivery models. It provides the best of both models, and results in optimized costs and maximized efficiency. The onsite team works directly with the clients and also handles the offshore team without the client having to worry about the offshore team.


Vivek Ramakrishna
Vivek Ramakrishna
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ZiniosEdge have provided a valued service in helping Globalsoft lay foundations in India. Their flexible infrastructure solutions and their knowledgeable advice on local market practices have allowed us to stay focused on our business and its growth.​
Ankit Soni​
Ankit Soni​
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It was very nice time having been in touch with you while taking up our recent project for updating new database in Microsoft Dynamics. I would like to thanks and congratulate to you and your team who has performed very nice and swift action to fulfill this project in less time and efficient way.​
Deepinder Singh​
Deepinder Singh​
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We chose ZiniosEdge to build and implement AgriSys ERP for our business after exploring several standard products. It is a complete software which has most of the modules required for Seed industry.​
 Sugato ‘al’ majumdar
Sugato ‘al’ majumdar
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“We have worked extensively with Zinios(now ZiniosEdge) over the past 3 years and have been delighted with their work. They have developed a CRM system in record time for us that replaced our old Capillary system resulting in large savings of a significant monthly subscription charge. There have been continuous improvements made to the system including a critical integration with a third-party POS that allowed all vouchers issued by MRL to be fully validated by the POS. This eliminated errors, misuse and also made us more GST efficient. I know Zinios (now ZiniosEdge) has been involved in many exciting and cutting-edge developments including AR (Augmented reality) projects that could find applications in the retail space”.
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