Manufacturing Solutions

Advanced manufacturing solution to digitalize your production, supply chain and delivery operation with automation and data analytics. 

Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing industry partners are accelerating their potential via digital solutions leveraging an integrated working methodology applying AI, IoT,  Multi cloud and Robotic Process Automation to achieve new levels of efficiency, quality, flexibility, agility and sustainability.

It help them to generate data and enable to leverage data-oriented services to immerse into the market for generating revenue. In addition, digital reality solutions such as Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have also shown notable outcomes in production, staff training, tracking inventory, and providing operational procedures and standards.


Our Solutions for Manufacturing Industries

We at ZiniosEdge have come up with solutions for common issues the manufacturing industries face with emerging technologies such as AI/ML, Data Insights, AR/VR/MR, Digital Twins, and IIOT. Covering Each Manufacturing Industry Requirement, we offer devised solutions for the following areas of the industry:

Demand Planning

We devise ERP software that provides real-time data, define process models, manage the supply chain, and strike a balance between inventory levels and customer needs.

Inventory Management

ZiniosEdge’s Inventory software tactfully facilitates inventory records, forecast necessary materials as well as keeping control on the inventory.

application modernization
Production Management

We provide industry-specific Production Management Software which provides the current and previous production status and details about the production process.

Safety Management

Our safety management software enables organizations to improve workplace safety, identify probable risks, and assigning preventive actions.

Product Development / R&D

Many manufacturing are incorporating the R&D or product development software for easing the product life cycle, and the entire process of designing, creating and marketing new or existing products with all new attributes.

Business Intelligence
Product Quality Inspection

Inspecting a product’s quality is essential to verify on-site at different stages during and after the production process to shun the supply chain disruptions further which our quality inspection solution helps.

Process Control

Our process control software provides real-time improvement measures in quality, reducing variations, and optimizing processes.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Quality Control

By looking over the data insights obtained via IIoT, testing a sample of product output as per the specifications stated by the quality standards

Intelligent Maintenance

With the application of AI/ML, accumulating all the necessary industry information and data at one place and sort out which areas need to be worked upon.

Our Offerings

IoT Application Development
Carry Out Automation

We help industries bring upon automation affordably with AI for making production more efficient, bridging demand and supply gap, and fulfilling larger orders.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Attracting Skilled Workforce

Offering creative solutions for attracting dexterous taskforce, developing ways to connect with potential workers through social media, and other networking channels as well as training them with AR/VR.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Technology Advancement

We offer technically advanced solutions for improving quality, enhancing workplace efficiency, boost up the production process, and reduce costs.

ZiniosEdge’s Take On Manufacturing Industry

ZiniosEdge offers continual, authentic, and professional solutions for the manufacturing sector and takes care of all its intrinsic functions and providing optimum solutions for each unit. We offer Manufacturers to understand their sales leads by digging deeper into the information and company statistics to manage and track prospective data by the data insights obtained from the ERP and IIoT software solutions.

Our expertise on Microsoft’s D365, Dynamic365 Remote Assist, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Azure Cloud, etc., helps us to design solutions to manufacturing companies that can optimize their resources, automate the process and deliver products to companies along with the following technology solutions:

Supplier Collaboration app
Vendor Portal add-on on Microsoft Dynamics NAV In Discreet Manufacturing
application modernization
Implementation of Dynamics NAV 2016 ERP for Cannula Manufacturing industry
Business Intelligence
Quality Management System

Transform Your Business Journey with Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

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