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Business challenges Faced By Real Estate Industries

The real estate sector is an ever-expanding industry and contributes a major share in the GDP of a nation’s economy. However, it has seen a disruption in the demand-supply balance. It has been observed that it has not been able to cope up with the rising demands, cost overruns, High Input cost in the intensive labor and cost management with the sourcing of raw materials.

Three predominantly impacting factors that influence the real estate industry, technology, demographics, and globalization have prevailed more due to digital innovations, changing customer’s preferences, rapid urbanization, and construction demands in the current times.

ZiniosEdge Solutions For Real Estate Industries:

Technology that places an irreplaceable role in the real estate industry as the home buyers are now turning smart and looking for smart technology in the real estate and the ZiniosEdge is the preferred Augmented Reality solution development partner for real estate for years. With the regressive lifestyle, many prospective buyers may want to have an entire view of the property without visiting it hence, if you don’t cope up with and inculcate the latest trend and technology,  you could lose a significant number of buyers undesirably.

If Projects are running behind the schedule
ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Cost Management is not in control that manages the cost of materials and labor
Poor Financial Management that leaves no visibility on cashflow
Keep a track of the properties with a real estate software system
Acting as an adroit Virtual Reality Solution provider for Real Estate
Assisting real estate agents to track booking and sales of the projects
Engaging existing customers and acquiring future customers
ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Fulfilling multiple real estate requirements such as incoming requests, preparing price quote and selling a property
Providing asset management solution for real estate
Not able to make drive effective sales & marketing and company loose brand visibility on today’s digital world
ERP Solution For Real Estate

Providing optimum ERP software solutions for operating property based inventory transactions as well as space assignment and its management.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
CRM For Real Estate

Providing CRM software solutions to help the realtors manage their incoming leads, tracking interactions as well as completing other crucial tasks.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Digital Marketing Tools

Creating stunning virtual 3D real estate tours for the best view of the property so that the clients can check them out remotely and making many other possibilities achievable.

ZiniosEdge Contribution In Real Estate Industries

Our in-depth knowledge and years of expertise in the enterprise’s resources planning and marketing have helped our customers in real estate and construction industries achieve phenomenal business outcomes with Construction management applications.

Our technology expertise to develop ERP for back-office management practices, CRM for engaging prospects into customer conversion using applications and marketing tools using digital connects on AR/VR drive high returns to customer investment of technology with modernizing legacy applications. 

Below are the prominent areas listed where ZiniosEdge has played a vital role in real estate and has helped several customers in building customer’s business-specific needs including:

Property Management Platform
Property Tour Platform
XR(AR VR and MR) platform for enterprises (Real Estate)
IoT Solution for Space Management
ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Certification System on building health and standards of living
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