ZEVE - Virtual Environment

Immerse your audience into a redefined virtual event experience with ZEVE.
Host all your events on the virtual environment to its fullest.

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ZEVE - Virtual Environment.

ZEVE is a virtual environment that gives you the absolute freedom to create virtual events in the virtual space. Now you can go beyond the limitation of time, space and geography to host your events.

ZEVE is amazingly a one-stop-shop for all your virtual event management requirements. We ventured to build this amazing virtual environment for all kind of organizations, institutions and businesses by understanding the critical need of our time. It integrates all the essential virtual event management tools and functionalities.

A competent Virtual Environment for All Your Virtual Events.

ZEVE is an ideal virtual event platform for hosting virtual events of all types. 

Virtual Environment
Virtual Conferences
Virtual Showrooms
Virtual Fairs
Virtual Meetups
ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Virtual Workshops
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of Marketers Consider

The opportunities generated by virtual events as a success factor.

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of Event Organizers Believe

Virtual events help to close deals and count this mode as a success factor.

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of Business Owners Agree

The attendee satisfaction is high in virtual events and they are planning to invest in virtual events more in future.



Full-fledged event lobby for every virtual gathering. It directs the participants to the respective locations without any trouble.

Agenda Builder

Attendees can get the orientation right from the agenda page. Organizers just need to update the event itinerary on time. q

Exhibition Hall

ZiniosEdge virtual environment have room for all your brand exhibitions, promotion billboards and marketing landscape. Also, you can set up brand booths.


In this virtual auditorium organizers can accommodates all the event participants screen videos and host webinars.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Resource Center

Resource center facilitates a dynamic range of services that serves the requirements of attendees.

Help Desk

All time accessible help desk to solve the queries of attendees and give appropriate guidance regarding the event.

Networking Zone

Event participants can network virtually. They can have fun and learn without any hassle and constraint here.

Event Survey

Event survey enables the organizers to have a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the events.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Custom Event Environment

ZEVE is a versatile virtual event environment. It enables you to create bespoke virtual events.

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ZEVE Benefits

Multi-Session Activities
Endless Business Opportunity
Global Brand Reachability
ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Measurable Virtual Environment


ZEVE offers plenty of state of the art features to consider. 

ZEVE is the best virtual environment that match for all your virtual event hosting requirements.

Deliver an Exciting Event Experience to Your Audience

Host Result-Driven Virtual Events

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