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Software Architecture Consulting Service

Over the years, software architecture has evolved all lot. The main components of a software architecture is an environment in which it is built and the infrastructure and frameworks that suits best for the business environment. ZiniosEdge, as your software architecture consultant, will perform an end-to-end architecture evaluation based on your requirements and offer the best enterprise architecture framework aligning with your business propositions.

Our Software Architecture consulting service aims to offer full-scale software architecture solutions that are scalable and compatible for your business ventures. Our sophisticated end solutions are aimed at making the deliverables better than your competitors and eventually raising your revenue.

Software Architecture consulting

Our Software Architecture Services

Software architecture consulting
Software Architecture Planning and Strategy

ZiniosEdge architects offers business-appropriate enterprise software designing, reviewing, developing, finetuning, and upgrading complex software architecture for both new and legacy IT systems

Software architecture consulting
Enterprise Architecture Design and Implementation

With decades of enterprise architecture design our IT architects provides robust and up-to-date software architecture and frameworks to meet your business needs in the dynamic market.

Software architecture consulting
Cloud Architecture Services

We offer a clear cloud infrastructure development strategy for enterprises to orchestrate their processes leveraging cloud capabilities and drive innovation across their business.

software architecture consulting
IT Architecture Modernization

Our enterprise architecture consulting service not only design new infrastructure for your business, but assess and modernize your existing Enterprise Architecture to gain advanced capabilities.

Enterprise Application Transformation

We help renewing outdated ERP applications and update your existing IT landscapes while enabling modern IT capabilities with minimal disruption.

Architecture Optimization and Support

We offer enterprise IT infrastructure optimization service and help organization to align business and IT architecture. Also, we provide extended support.

Our Take On Software Architecture Consulting

enterprise architecture consulting

The trusted experts at ZiniosEdge are trained to implement best-in-class tools and platforms for the full-cycle software architecture assessment as well as development to create the enterprise architecture roadmap and product design that will prevent the risks and errors. With extensive experience and having delivered varied software architecture development projects successfully, our experts are always at your service to provide your enterprise with promising solutions.

  • Thoroughly researched development to meet the expected performance, usability, and security.
  • Flexible in creating an architecture from scratch or customize the existing architecture.
  • Accommodate all the phases of development such as design, evaluation, and integration.
  • Develop software aligning your business goals and objectives.
IoT Application Development
Microservices Architecture

Overcoming the drawbacks of monolithic architecture, developing an architecture that encapsulates self-contained services to be accessed independently.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Event-Driven Architecture

An architecture where the events are produced between the software components enabling the creation of applications that are distinctly scalable.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Object-Oriented Architecture

This architecture primarily based on object-oriented concepts that are always preferred and known for building robust, scalable and maintainable applications.

Why Us for Enterprise Software Architecture Consulting Service?

At ZiniosEdge, we take the utmost care to offer up-to-date software architectures solutions that will align the needs of your business and customers. We endeavor to build flexible and customizable solutions that can transform the face of the existing software ecosystem with our top-notch technical proficiency. We assure all the systems involved are running smoothly despite all the modifications are executed.

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