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Today’s businesses are continuously facing challenges in their operations with fast changing dynamics of commoditization of offerings. Businesses have to constantly review the productivity, reducing the operational cost, resources optimisation while focusing on customer experience, differentiation on services & product offerings and operational efficiency. ZiniosEdge, since our establishment in 2004, has accumulated over 6000 man years of experience in working with global customers on diversified projects, different industries, multiple technologies & platforms and different geographies; can help customers to drive adaptive business processes for operational excellence of optimised use of IT systems and solutions.

As the top professional consulting services provider in Bangalore, India, ZiniosEdge has been offering professional consulting services on software development, business study, gap-fit analysis, professional consultants on hiring, professional services on temporary staffing, staff augmentation, professional contract staffing services and professional contract staffing resources. We are the name to recall if technical contract staffing companies are required in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune or Mumbai.

Architecture Consulting

For today’s ever changing technologies, solution architecture plays a very vital element to support emerging technology platforms such as social media, mobile, big data analytics and cloud to drive business performance. Our senior software architects are experts in large-scale software systems design and help our customers to create patentable IPs, products and platforms.

When businesses have a need of designing a new system or building a product or software application, our software architects helps to provide the right guidance of assessing business goals and objectives on the right selection of design patterns, tools and technologies.

Our software architecture consulting offerings are:

  • Software Architecture Blueprinting
  • Business & IT Strategy
  • Application Portfolio and Optimization
  • IP creation, Platform and Product engineering
  • Software Architecture Training

Our architecture consulting service engagements are:
  • Outsourced architecture design
  • Architecture evaluation & review
  • Performance review and system review
  • End to End Project execution

As an architecture consulting company in Bangalore, India, we provide partnership for PaaS architecture consultants, SaaS architecture consultants, solution architecture consultants, software architecture consulting, application architecture consulting, mobile application architecture consulting, cloud application architecture consulting, IT architecture consulting services, enterprise architecture services model, data analytics software architecture experts, enterprise software modelling architects and micro-services architecture consultants.

Technical Staff Augmentation:

ZiniosEdge offers technical staff augmentation services to help customers meet their volatile staffing challenges. At ZiniosEdge, our strength is our People. We specialize in finding the right consultants are best matched to specific project requirements. Working in close collaboration with a customer, our recruitment & talent acquisition team will identify the right resources and help through the life cycle of on boarding process with the customer. Hence, contact us if you need a partner in technical staff augmentation consultation in Bangalore, India. Our expert team will help you with the best.

Qualified professional software consultants are recruited using a stringent selection process conducted in several rounds. They are from a wide range of disciplines including: platforms, operating systems, programming languages, databases, applications, website development, networks, e-commerce, ERP development, software engineering and project management.

Our staffing expertise lies in areas that include:

  • Platforms such as web, desktop, cloud and mobile
  • Operating systems such as Unix, Windows NT, Linux, and MVS
  • Programming languages such as Dotnet C#,,, C/C++, Java/J2EE, XML, Visual C++, NodeJS
  • Front end UI such as HTML5, Angular JS, ReactJS, ViewJS
  • Product suites such as Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics 365, SharePoint
  • Frameworks such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Laravel

Our different models of business engagement with customers are:

Contract Staffing

Contract staffs are essential work force to integrate with existing talents of customers to meet unpredictable demands due to dynamic business needs. ZiniosEdge offers technical staff augmentation services for customers seeking talents to meet their on-demand needs. Contract staffing offers our customers higher flexibility and reduced risks over hiring of full time employees. Our contract staffing engagement is a systematically executed staffing process involving our talent acquisition team combined with our technical team to screen the resources through various stages of evaluating the resources, skills and business need of the customer. Our customers can hire contract resources for short term to long term needs without compromising on the quality of resources within the specified time and reducing the employee related costs.

Project Staffing

Project staffing are most suited to service delivery organisations where project development needs are cyclical and demand of resources are required on fly. ZiniosEdge offers technical staff augmentation services for service delivery centric customers seeking talents during the project life cycle. Project based staffing offers customers higher flexibility and additional bandwidth as extended team to maximize business outcomes when sudden projects are acquired by the customer. We help our customers either by lending our ready resource pool or through lateral hiring process to augment their project team for the duration of the project. Our customers can deploy resources for various stages of the project starting initially at business requirement phase through designing, architecture, UI/UX, code development, Integration, testing finally to deployment and thereafter as support and maintenance part of the project too. Based on type of skills required to experience level of each resources, our team can help our customers precisely match the right set of resources to each project type needs.

Managed staffing

Managing contingent workforce has its own challenges as time consuming and adherence to process compliances. When businesses have less management bandwidth and operational bottlenecks, it is ideal that businesses look at alternative option of choosing the managed staffing services without compromising the business needs. Our managed staffing services helps customer with peace of mind on one point of accountability for efficient talent sourcing, selection and management of vendors. We further extend our services with value added services such as payroll management, employee benefits administration and HR activities fulfilling the end to end process on resources management and regulatory compliances

Our Managed Staffing Service can help you realize:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Standardization of rates
  • Complying to statutory guidelines of policies and procedures
  • A Single point of contact
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Shared services on payroll and HR

Legacy Modernization

With fast changing technologies and business process evolution, maintaining the IT systems and solutions to current standards becomes a vital business decision to extract the best benefit of latest technologies and computing devices. Legacy technologies and infrastructure are the cause of systems inflexibility, which is compounded by unavailability of skills and increased cost of ownership of such systems.

Legacy Modernization is the continued process of transforming Legacy Systems in order to reduce IT environment complexity and costs, increase data consistency. IT modernization delivers competitive advantages of agile business processes based on new technologies, new architecture and new computing devices. Additionally, it also helps businesses to mitigate risks and reduces the cost of ownership.

 Businesses which adapt legacy modernization can

  • Reengineer business processes and accelerate business operational efficiency
  • Access the full power of modern technologies and architecture
  • Keep in line with current state of IT modernization and tap in to the moden skill sets
  • Overcome application design limitations and support new business requirements in line with current digital transformation harnessing the power of mobile, social and more
  • Build an easy to adapt, low cost, secure, and scalable solution

ZiniosEdge, with over a decade of IT expertise in deep domain and technology modernization, helps organizations transform their legacy systems into modern, efficient, and responsive customer centric systems. Our legacy modernization services focus on improving the longevity, usability, functionality, and accessibility of current systems.

We bring to our customers technology-neutral and vendor-neutral solutions that best fit to their business requirements and achieve the maximum benefit of modernization of their legacy systems by implementing new systems, and deploy modern IT infrastructure that can deliver high performance, agility, and profitability.

With ZiniosEdge, customer can plan their legacy modernisation on

  • Application Modernisation as desktop application, rich application and Web modernisation
  • Development of Mobile Applications, Hybrid mobile applications
  • Development of Cloud Applications as PaaS and SaaS
  • Enterprise Architecture Modernisation
  • Open source application development and migration
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