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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions are our customer relationship management (CRM) business solution that drives sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social insights, business intelligence, and campaign management in the cloud, on-premises, or with a hybrid combination. It can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty in the sales, marketing, and customer service fields. Dynamics CRM solutions can deliver faster ROI through marketing automation, customer service, and sales force automation. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions

Running a successful business is no simple task. When marketing campaigns, data analysis, meetings, customer care, and more all happen simultaneously, you need a powerful CRM solution to bring all these functions together. With tools to enhance the company’s sales, marketing, and customer service processes- along with native Microsoft office outlook integration, Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions delivers a fast, flexible and affordable system.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services

Microsoft Dynamics Nav solutions

Dynamics CRM Consulting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions

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Microsoft Dynamics Nav solutions

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Dynamics CRM solutions

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Dynamics CRM Solutions

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Modules

Importantly there are three modules available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that can be used separately with unique functionalities based on the purpose. 


Sales must adapt to the new customer journey. Sales teams need tools that are familiar, intuitive, and easy to adopt to help them be more effective. Discover resources that can help you sell more and drive results. Learn now how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you to drive more sales:

Actionable insights

Focus and act on the right priorities

  • Increase sales velocity by identifying prospects most likely to buy based on predictive intelligence
  • Know where to focus with insights that reveal relationship health and risk
  • Spot buying signals, identify competitive threats, and keep a pulse on the market with social media
  • Engage your customers in more personalized, effective ways through customer intelligence
Sales productivity

Spend more time selling and less time on administration

  • Work anytime, anywhere with familiar, intuitive productivity tools, such as mobile apps that provide contextual news, social data, and task flows
  • Know what steps to take next to close deals faster by using process automation and a guided sales process
  • Recruit, onboard, and strengthen your partner channel through deeper enablement and activation
Sales performance

Create a culture that nurtures success

  • Get answers fast using dashboards, contextual charts, and Power BI Q&A for natural language queries
  • Hit your numbers by setting goals, monitoring results, and providing feedback and coaching in real time
  • Ease onboarding and align sales behavior through sales management software and interactive help and documentation
  • Energize everyone on your sales team with fun and exciting competitions through gamification


Provide responsive, relevant, effective service—anywhere, any time, on any device. Inspire loyalty, empower agents, and drive service resolution. With our service capabilities, you can:

Omni-channel engagement

Connect with customers anytime, anywhere

  • Use a unified platform for consistency and visibility across channels
  • Get deeper insights with a 360-degree customer view and gain actionable insights. 
  • Personalize interactions based on past interactions and behavior
Unified knowledge

Give agents and customers answers on the spot

  • Deliver the right answers at the right time across channels
  • Capture content from social media, service interactions, and experts
  • Understand how your knowledge base is being used with rich analytics, helping you improve and add information based on customer needs
Digital intelligence

Be proactive with built-in digital intelligence

  • View real-time key service metrics through fully customizable dashboards
  • Automatically detect sentiment, trends and intent on social posts using built-in intelligence
  • Resolve issues faster by using machine learning to reference relevant articles and cases


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing helps you engage your customers as you bring your marketing vision to life. With our marketing capabilities, you can improve the lead volume, lead conversion rate and marketing ROI

Campaign orchestration

Connect sales and marketing

  • Deliver consistent messaging between sales and marketing
  • Increase retention rates, reduce sales cycles, and increase close rates
  • Drive revenue and marketing ROI with campaign management tools
  • Engage with your teams seamlessly through your channel channel, and orchestrate service on time.
Web experience foundation

Create better customer experiences on a secure and scalable digital foundation

  • Manage content using dynamic marketing software on a platform that scales globally
  • Create and deliver digital experiences faster
  • Lower management and resources costs by using a single provider
  • Rely on a platform that’s compliant with government, industry, and corporate standards
Social Insights

Use social insights to make campaigns sing. Use sentiment analysis to understand customers.

  • Turn sentiment into opportunity with Microsoft Social Engagement. Monitor brand presence and track strategic initiatives across marketing, sales, and customer service.
  • Make every conversation more relevant with social insights that help you get to know the person behind the contact data.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions got numerous benefits and features to increase productivity and ROI.
  • Enhances sales analysis, forecasting and scheduling.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables a centralized information hub.
  • Improves customer retention and revenue.
  • Increases  efficiency by handling customer issues, queries, and offer support requests.

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