Healthcare Solutions

Advanced healthcare solutions to drive innovation and efficiency in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Solutions

The Healthcare industry is one of the most sensitive but a substantial part of a nation’s economy. Lives of people are directly connected to this sector and they truly depend on the efficiency of these healthcare companies to combat the healthcare challenges and receive better medical care. Here at ZiniosEdge, we help healthcare organizations to simplify complex processes with advanced technology solutions and products. We are helping them to leverage data, innovation and technology to provide better healthcare for every one. 

We enable healthcare institutions to attain advanced infrastructure and data management systems to manage data pertaining to patient medical records, device data, transcript & clinical notes, and patient surveys effectively with modern healthcare solutions.

Healthcare solutions

ZiniosEdge Healthcare Offerings

VR/AR and AI/ML seems to be perfectly suitable for Healthcare as these technologies offer feasible solutions such as general and advanced diagnostics, medical training, doctor consultation, patient’s treatment for boosting the usability and overall efficiency of healthcare leading to finest end experience.

Our depth of knowledge in the healthcare domain helps us to see our customers’ business needs as close as our Customer sees in the real world. Helping customers in the healthcare sector to build software applications such as Appointment Management System, Patient Administration System, Laboratory Information Management System, Healthcare Compliances and many more, ZiniosEdge brings AI-powered and machine learning-based data insights for various challenges the industry is facing today.

AI-powered Next-Gen Medical Tools

Artificial intelligence enables the next generation radiology tools to provide accurate and detailed analysis of the human tissue samples. Artificial intelligence is helping in the innovative field of radionics, which focuses on image-based algorithms to characterize the phenotypes of tumors.

Digital Remote Patient Consulting

AI solutions are also helping in providing medical consultation as per patient’s medical history. Users can now input their symptoms to the app, which compares them to the database of illnesses and then recommend a solution based on the data provided with the customized patient management platform.

Smart Devices

Smart devices are used for monitoring ICU patients, enhancing the ability to identify internal deterioration and shun the development of complications to significantly improve outcomes and reduce hospital-related costs.

Evolving Surgeon Training

VR can aid in training medical professionals with Health Compliance Course Platform for Training and workforce planning. Trainees can watch the operation ‘live’ instead of standing beside the surgeon. There have been instances observed where a colorectal surgeon used a VR headset to virtually bring together surgeons worldwide to operate on a patient.

Studying Tumorous Cancer In 3D Environment

VR facilitates studying a cancerous tumor sample to be studied in detail and from all the aspects and cells. The VR 3D model has been helpful for cancer researchers to make them understand the disease and help find new treatments.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Psychological Treatment

VR helps in creating specific environments to treat a patient’s mental condition and know the cause of anxiety, phobias, and addictions. VR helps understand the patterns of disorders and more effective treatment strategies for the relaxation and stabilization of the patient with Healthcare Simulation.

Surgery Assistance With AR

AR can be implemented as a visual shorthand for operating procedures. Based on the vital information such as the patient’s vital stats, critical information on a disease and its treatment, etc. a proper treatment is provided.

Emergency Assistance

Patients can navigate to find closest hospitals in their vicinity through the healthcare apps from navigation and geolocation features. It can ultimately save someone’s life on a short note. When you're sick, an app like this might prove to be a lifesaver.

Other Medical Assistance

We have also evolved some more areas of healthcare such as visual field fast, and Visual Feel Fast - Noise based Eye testing app in ophthalmological application.

Digital Treatment Solutions

We help healthcare institutions to extend their services effectively with modern digital healthcare solutions.

Doctor-Patient Platform


The client was looking for a service provider design & build a practice management tool to gain insights into patients and engage with patient care to increase revenue.

We designed & developed a web-based responsive platform to patient-doctor engagement meeting all the end-user expectations of the client. 

AI/ML And AR/VR Revolutionising Healthcare Industry

Virtual reality has surely revolutionized the entire healthcare industry by offering suitable methods and equipment for a patient’s well being. Now, surgeons are being trained by adding real value to the entire process. It has aided medical students to watch the operation live using a VR camera very closely without catching the glimpse of the process. Also, surgeons in different parts of the world can be a part of any important operation with the graphic avatars and communicate as if they are present in the operation theatre.

IoT Application Development
Positive Health Impact

With the application of both these trending technologies AR and VR, a range of positive impacts on the physical and mental health of patients are noticed.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Effective Pain Relief

VR helps effectively in pain management, as it affects the brain’s neural pathways in the same way as real-life experiences, creating powerful memories that help patients forget about the pain they are suffering.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Early Disease Detection

VR is being used by clinicians to help identify signs of certain diseases like Alzheimer’s in patients. A VR-based navigation test on patients is found to be accurate in diagnosing mild signs of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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