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Business Challenges Faced By The Retail Industry

The retail industry is a continually evolving sectors and the changes are volatile due to consistently evolving technology. For surviving in this demanding industry, retailers have to adapt to the rapidly transforming technological era and imbibe the technology adeptness in your retail business. This is particularly due to the prominence of e-commerce.

Technical know-how is required in each of the business operations right from Billing, Inventory, Purchase, online sales, Business Analytics, customer experience,  Multi-Channel marketing campaign as well as advertising. Thus keeping each factor in consideration, ZiniosEdge with its technology partners brings you solutions to outlive the wrath of this advancing fabrication.

ZiniosEdge Solutions For Retail Industries

The retail industry has to look over many aspects of the business. To rectify these solutions, we bring you the unfailing software solutions for:

Billing Management

Online bill and invoicing software for tackling billing tracking and GST enabled invoicing

Inventory Management

ERP software for monitoring the assets, the flow of goods and stock items.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Purchase Management

ERP software for managing suppliers, quotations, purchase orders, and incoming shipments

Extended Online Sales Management On Ecommerce

Sales management program for maximizing e-commerce profits tending excess revenue.

Business intelligence software for providing analytical data on purchased inventory, supply chain movement, consumer demand, sales that are crucial for making marketing and procurement decisions.

Customer Experience

Providing interactive customer experience through visual curation, guided discovery to sales, emotional response, and digital assistance.

Immersive Customer Experience

By using virtual trial rooms, providing deep customer experience and keeping up the next sales as per the results.

Marketing Campaigns

Offering omnichannel marketing campaigns accessible from all the channels and driving better marketing results.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Customer Loyalty Management

Software to keep track of the loyal customers of the business and rewarding them recurrently.

Advertisement Optimization

Creating ads to propagate the relevant message to the users who watch them and perfecting these informed ads by data collected through A/B tests and user testing.

Finest Business Advertising

Carving a perfect strategy to educate the customers, targeting the right audience, opening new marketing opportunities as well as saving enormous cost.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Raised Online Selling

Developing the right eCommerce solution for an eCommerce strategy, offering online customer service and great delivery experience.

ZiniosEdge Product Engineering
Optimizing Business Processes

Handling many business operations at one place right from billing, purchasing, stocking, order placement, and shipment.

Our Ultimate Aim: Building And Maintaining Relationship With Your Customers

At ZiniosEdge, we have been offering customer-centric solutions to retailers with the help of predictive data insights gained with the business intelligence software to know about customer choices and preferences. Increasing the efficiency of your marketing efforts that you put in building customer relationships as well as letting them make purchases anywhere and anytime seamlessly.

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